Sunday, March 27, 2016

Download Airdroid For PC Updated

New Version Release of Airdroid for PC

Hooray!!! A new version of Airdroid for PC is available now! Update and enjoy the new salient features of Airdroid on your PC.

If you are an existing user of Airdroid in your PC, you would get a notification for an update for your Airdroid application in your PC. When you click the update button you would probably see a screen as in below picture and a 30seconds wait is all you need from then on for you to experience the salient features of the new Airdroid in your PC.

If you have not installed Airdroid in your computer then Please visit our “Airdroid for PC” menu above and get started with the magic of Airdroid in your PC.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Official Download: Airdroid for pc - FAQ

Airdroid For PC FAQ - Official Download

Common Questions asked While installing Airdroid

While installing an application like Airdroid in your PC or mobile be it Android or IoS, People have lots of questions running in their mind and here in this article we have consolidated some most commonly asked questions on Airdroid installation in PC and Mobile.

1. How secure is my data while it is transferred via Airdroid from Mobile to PC or from PC to my mobile?

The data is transferred between your mobile and PC through same network, unless and until you are connected to a safer network nothing to worry on security issues or privacy issues as peer to peer connection is established between your mobile and PC through Airdroid.

2. Is it possible to use Airdroid in PC(Windows/ IoS) without installing the application?

Most of us feel that we don’t want to install some applications which we are not using frequently. There may be may reasons for that like memory consumption, Storage optimization etc.. For all those people Airdroid is providing the best option of having a web application when we can perform all the operations of the stand alone application with the only constraint being connected to the internet in your PC and mobile.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Access Mobile through PC via Airdroid for pc {Rooted device} : AirMirror

Access Mobile through PC via Airdroid for pc {Rooted device} : AirMirror using Windows/Mac.

If you have read about our previous posts you must be aware of Airdroid for pc and its features. In this post, we are going to discuss about AirMirror using airdroid for pc app and the guidelines to access your rooted android device through Windows/Mac devices using AirMirror.

What is AirMirror and how do I use it with my Windows/Mac computer?

The AirMirror feature allows you to mirror your Android device screen on to your Windows/Mac computer without cables. By using the AirMirror feature in android for pc app you can use your big screen Desktops instead of your device's smaller screen for showing content stored on your handheld device. You can access apps like Whatsapp, SMS, Line and Wechat using physical mouse and keyboard, all over the air.

Let us see how to use AirMirror feature from airdroid for pc in Windows client:

The first and the foremost step is to install the airdroid for pc app in your computer and in your rooted android device, to install airdroid for pc in your android device click DOWNLOAD and to install in your windows computer click DOWNLOAD follow the wizard and install the airdroid for pc app in both your computer and android device, after the successful installation of the app in your computer, follow the below steps.

Guidelines to install airdroid for pc in Android device : 
Installation of airdroid for pc in Android device

Guidelines to install airdroid for pc in Windows System : 

Guidelines to install airdroid for pc in Mac : 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Free AIRDROID FOR PC .apk download and installation guide.

You have read about the significance of Airdroid For PC and how to use Airdroid for pc effectively from our previous posts, if you missed to read our post on Android for pc Click Here and you will be navigated to the respective.
From our previous posts on Airdroid for pc you can understand that the web application or .exe application can be used on your PC, but it is necessary to have the application installed on your android mobile.
You can download the application from Google Play but there may be many reasons for you not able to connect to google play, no need to worry on that aspect you can still have Airdroid installed in our mobile, thanks for the direct .apk download option we have here exclusively for you people.

Yes, you can directly download the Airdroid app by clicking on the link HERE. If you are downloading the file from PC and once the .apk file is downloaded on to your PC, kindly transfer the file to your mobile by means of bluetooth or data cable.
So once you have your apk file in your mobile you are all set to install the app in your mobile and experience the magic of Airdroid in your mobile and PC.

But, before you proceed, there are some more points to be taken care before you start the installation process on your android mobile device, not to worry we will guide you on the installation process step by step.