Friday, January 22, 2016

Download and Install Airdroid For PC {WINDOWS XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1/10}

Airdroid for pc is the latest revolutionary free and fast device manager application that allows you to access all Android phone/tablet from computer remotely and securely, with which you will be able to manage SMS, data, pictures and videos, apps like : whatsApp, Line, WeChat and more on your computer. To download and install the app in your computer :     <<click here>>.

Once the download has been finished, open the install package and follow the steps below to install it in your computer.

1.Click Next.

2.Select language and click OK

3.Click Next

4.After you go through the agreement page click " I Agree"

5.Choose the installation path to where you want to install the app in your computer [ the default destination folder is recommended] and click install.

6.Finally select "Finish" to complete the installation process and to run the app in your computer.

Once you have installed the app in your computer, this is how it will look : 

Now, you can access your mobile from your computer using airdroid for pc.
Airdroid for pc plays a vital role in today's technological era as it is one of top cross platform application used across the globe, and have crossed over 5 million installation through google play store. This is a must have application for each and every person to whom time matters. 

Hope the step by step installation of Airdroid for pc installation has helped you to install the app in your computer. Now. let us see how to access your phone through air using airdroid for pc in your computer. 

Access mobile SMS through desktop
Most of the times we will be busy with our desktop/laptop working and at the same time we may tend to use our mobile and get hanged up with our work as multitasking with two different devices at once is a bit tedious task, but now with airdroid for pc in your computer, the tedious job turns out to be a hassle free task, as you can do your work and access the SMS in your computer same time in the same big screen. This is how it works

*Transfer data 
Transferring data from your computer to your mobile devices has always been a hectic task as it takes time and the process is not  effective. You may also require USB cables, Pen-drives, External Hard-disks and other file transferring gadgets to  transfer data between two devices. Thanks to airdroid for pc as you will not require any of those gadgets anymore to transfer files, simply install the airdroid for pc app in your computer and mobile/tablet and start accessing everything through air. With this feature, you can transfer photos, videos, ringtones, files and other data in a bliss. Let us see how it works 

*Manage the apps present in your mobile device

With airdroid for pc, you can manage and access all the apps installed in your mobile/tablet, with this feature, you can search for all the apps installed in your computer and get the installation and .apk file. This advanced technological feature helps you to retrieve the installed apps .apk file and you can export it to your friends device this saves time and Internet data usage.

*Find phone
Have you misplaced your phone or has it been lost, do not panic! with airdroid for pc you can find your phone and lock it if  its missing. If you feel someone has robbed your phone/tablet, and if you are unable to get it back in your hand, simply erase all the data present in your phone/tablet remotely. Also, the airdroid for pc has an unique feature with which you will be able to take a photo of the intruder and take action accordingly.

*Access to Camera and Screenshot

The most interesting feature of this airdroid for pc revolutionary app is that, you will be able to turn on your mobile/tablet's camera and get to see through the lens of your device, not only that, you can also stream the screen of your Android device and take screenshots.

*Push url

With push url feature, you can copy the link from your computer browser and send it your android devices as a link and access that website or the content related to the url in your mobile/tablet. Similar to that, you can copy the content present in any webpage or file/data present in your computer and transfer it to your connected device using the clipboard feature.

*See who is calling

One of the most frustrating issue that we face in day today's life is that, we will have to take the mobile from our pocket or handbag to see who is calling while we are at work, but you will not have to do that, if you have installed the airdroidforpc in your computer, as you will be able to see who is calling and Answer/Reject the calls.

If you tend to find any difficulties in installing the app in your computer, please feel free to comment below. Airdroid for pc app can be installed in any version of Windows Operating System, from Windows xp to Windows 10.

Click download to install the app in your computer.
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